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What is Pgeon?
Pgeon is an alternative courier solution which provides parcel delivery (Pgeon Delivery) and collection (Pgeon Collect) services.
What is a Pgeon Point?
Pgeon Points are the retails where users can perform parcel drop-offs and pick-ups.
Where are your Pgeon Point?
You may find out your nearest Pgeon Point here.

Before You Send

What is Pgeon Delivery?
Pgeon Delivery is a reliable parcel delivery solution to send parcels to and from either home address or Pgeon Points.
How Pgeon Delivery works?
Users can sign up an account and book our services from our platform. After the service is booked, users can print the airway bill and attach to the parcel. We will then collect it from Pgeon Point or your home depends on the service that you book.
Where is my nearest drop-off point?
You may find out your nearest Pgeon Point here.
Can I use handwritten consignment notes?
No, you are required to print the air waybill after you made an order online.
Is Pgeon Delivery available in my location?
Find our coverage area here.
How long does it take to send a parcel?
It depends on the area and situation but normally it will take 1 to 3 business days.
What is the delivery rate?
Our delivery rate is as low as RM5.50 for 5kg parcel and below. You may get quoted here.
I have three boxes, can I make just one order?
Unfortunately, sharing of AWB is not allowed. One AWB is only for one parcel/carton/box.
Does Pgeon provide packaging service?
We, however do not provide packaging materials/service upon picking up of your parcel. Sender/customer is liable for the packaging of goods before handing over to our driver/rider(s). However, you may always purchase packaging from We always recommend you to write your AWB number on the parcel with a marker pen.
What is the maximum parcel weight or dimension allowed?

There is a 30kg weight limit or 150cm total size limit for parcels delivered to door addresses from other door addresses (Door to Door service).
However, for delivery services from or to Pgeon Points, your parcels have to be under or equal to 5kg, and not exceed the linear dimension of 90cm.

What can I send with Pgeon?

You can send almost everything except the following

Prohibited Articles include but are not limited to:
Any objects or substance that are either illegal in the jurisdiction or in respect of which carriage or possession is illegal in the Jurisdiction.

Gases, pyrotechnics, arms and ammunition or corrosive, toxic, flammable, explosive, oxidising or radioactive materials or any other noxious, dangerous or hazardous goods or goods likely to cause damage; human remains, including funerary items such as urns and ashes or animal remains including taxidermy or ashes deeds, tender documents, documents including passports, stamps, securities, vouchers, money, credit cards, traveler’s cheques, precious stones or metals, livestock, liquids, foodstuffs, perishable goods, glass, bullion, coins, precious stones, fossils, stoneware, resin items, amber, composites, valuable jewellery, valuable antiques or plants or plant seeds or derivatives, animals (including insects, hatching eggs, birds, ivory), pornography, drugs or narcotics live plants, firearms, weapons and ammunition, perishable goods, counterfeit or pirated goods or material (including CD, VCD, DVD and BD);
other goods of a dangerous nature or which we in our sole and absolute opinion deem unsafe, unsuitable or otherwise unlawful.

Pgeon Collect

What is Pgeon Collect?
Pgeon self-collection service allows you to pick up your parcels or online shopping from more than 3,000 retail points.
How much do I have to pay?
Pgeon Collect is free to use.
Where is my nearest Pgeon Point?
You may find out your nearest Pgeon Point here.
Is there a duration on how long my parcels can be stored?
Yes, it will only be stored for 7 days.
How will I get notified?
When you register for your slot on our website, you will be required to prompt in your phone number. We will send you a SMS notification with the verification code to collect your parcel once your parcel has arrived.

Sending Your Parcel At Pgeon Point

How does the outlet staff acknowledge receipt of my parcel?
You will receive a SMS upon parcel successfully drop into a Pgeon Point.
How does the SMS notification look like?
What if I don't receive the SMS notification?
Please contact us via contact form or Whatsapp.
Is my parcel safe in the outlet?
Yes, your parcel will be safe in the outlet.
Is my parcel insured?
Yes, your parcel is insured up to RM200.

Picking Up Your Parcel From Pgeon Point

My recipient did not receive any SMS notification
Please contact us via contact form or Whatsapp.
Verification code is not working
Please contact us via contact form or Whatsapp.
How can I pick up my parcel?
Visit the selected Pgeon Point and provide the staff your verification code.
How does a verification code look like?
Why is parcel sent to a point and not to door even when I ordered a 'to door' service?
We only provide 2 attempts for door delivery. You are required to collect at our Pgeon Point after 2 attempts.


Where can I track my parcel?
You may track your parcel here.
My parcel is damaged/lost.
Please contact us via contact form or Whatsapp.
What if I have accidentally put the wrong recipient address?
You are required to make a new order and inform us via contact form or Whatsapp. No refund will be issued with your previous order.
What if I missed my parcel pick-up or parcel delivery?
We will leave a “Sorry Card” at your home or office. Contact us to arrange a reattempt delivery or parcel self-collection. If we do not receive any delivery reattempt request within 3 days, we will proceed to return the parcel to the sender.
Why do I receive a returned parcel from Pgeon?
Your parcel might be returned due to one of the reasons below:

  • Parcel miss-delivery and the receiver did not arrange for a delivery reattempt
  • Wrong address or postcode provided by the sender
  • Parcel mispackaging
  • Parcel size exceeds our limit
Will I get a refund for my returned parcel?
Unfortunately no. We will not refund any returned parcel.
Why is my parcel not delivered?
Your parcel might not be delivered due to the following reasons:

  • Parcel weight dispute
  • Parcel mispackaging
  • Parcel miss-delivery
  • Public holidays or weekends
  • Any other unforeseen circumstances that caused delivery backlog
The delivery will be resumed as soon as the issue is resolved.