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Branding Guidelines

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Brand Assets

Hello! We see that you've taken a step further than most in getting to know Pgeon, thank you.
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The logo consists of the symbol and the wording, which come in variations of the color combos of green, white and dark grey. the symbol component however is only ever green or white.

White Background
Green Background

The Pgeon

Our trusty homing pigeon is usually found carrying a Parcel.


Modify it's shape or colors.


Keep the size of the Pgeon consistent with the parcel it's carrying

The Parcel

A simple cube with green tape and the Pgeon symbol on its side.

The Drop Off Icon

The Parcel is being dropped-off and is ready for pick-up.

Pgeon Drop Off Icon

The Pick Up Icon

The Parcel is getting picked-up and is on it's destination

Pgeon Pick Up Icon


We use Keep Calm Medium for our logos and heading and Lato as our main typeface.

Keep Calm Medium Font

Lato Regular Font

Lato Bold Font

Lato Heavy Font


Here are the main colors we use.
The dark grey can vary in intensity

c80 y100