Pgeon | Reliable Parcel Delivery And Collection Service in Malaysia
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About Us

More than just a courier company

Parcel deliveries can be troublesome. Sometimes you're just too busy to pick up missed parcels. Maybe you wish you could just pick them up from the store across the office, or the pharmacy down the road.

So in January of 2017, the concept of the 'Pgeon Point' was conceived.

With the sole mission of making delivery a little more convenient, we partnered up with retail brands, big and small, and turned their shops into all-in-one post offices and delivery addressess for all your parcel delivery needs, a.k.a Pgeon Points.

In just one year, we established more than 3000 Pgeon Points all over Malaysia. with well-known brands like and 99 Speedmart. Evolving into a low-cost courier in the process, we deliver to both Pgeon Points and home addressess alike, hoping to revolutionize the last-mile delivery experience.

We at Pgeon are a bustling bunch, with packed schedules, high hopes, and dreams. By streamlining our lives, we believe we can become our best selves and those hopes and dreams can be a reality. By delivering you convenience, perhaps you too can do the same, and be your best you too.